Convention Activities


All Types of Gameplay

Game Con offers more than just normal gameplay! Our activities include retro games, arcade machines, console games, PC-LANs, and more! There is a game for everyone.

Games that were showcased previously: • Smash Bros. Ultimate • Soul Calibur VI • Tekken 7 • Overwatch • League of Legends • osu! • Pokémon Sword


Cosplay is Welcome

Cosplay is allowed for every attendee. We encourage attendees to express themselves as they see fit in a judgment free environment. Fursuits are also welcome at this convention.

Cosplay contests are hosted with prizes.


Cards Games & Role-Playing

Tabletop is a major activity at Game Con. We partner with local card game shops to run draft tournaments. Our featured card games are Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic: the Gathering.

If you enjoy role-playing more, we offer that as well. Join us for games such as Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. Miscellaneous board games are also offered to attendees.


Competitive Gaming

Sponsored by TESPA, we host competitive tournaments every year. The prizes for this tournaments range from cash prize pools of up to $1000, and sponsor merchandise such as headsets or keyboards.

We offer tournaments for both PC and console games. An example of tournaments are Smash Bros. Ultimate, osu!, Overwatch, League of Legends, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur VI, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Quake.


Artist Alley and Vendor Hall

We work with our community to bring local businesses to the spotlight. We offer vendor tables for artists and businesses for $80. Our Vendors have diverse products: custom controllers, artwork prints and stickers, foam swords, and even bento boxes.

Each vendor that registers for Game Con is given a public spotlight on social media.

Stay tuned for future vendor registration!


Raffles & Giveaways

Win prizes just for attending! Every attendee is entered into a raffle for prizes provided by our sponsors. Prizes range from keyboards, figurines, gift cards, and apparel. Have fun and walk away with your hands full!

Flight Simulation

Interactive Technology

Jump into the shoes of a pilot, with our flight simulation stations. Provided by Sean Cole these stations are different kind of game play that put you directly into the action. Look forward to racing stations and more virtual experiences in the future.

Foam Fighting

Get Active

Get up and get active with the Foam Fighting Club at USF! Sword fighting is a safe way to have fun and exercise at the same time. Learn how to properly wield a sword and shield, and reinact gameplay moments in real life.

Car Show

Pop-Culture Vehicles

A fan favorite event, the anime and comic car show! Sponsored by Anime Cars of the World and Pikabellechu, these vehicles are displayed for all to see. From the Pikabug, to sparky the Love Live machine, there's alot of sights to be seen.